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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Specialty stores, big department stores, Canal Institucional and e-commerce website. The store of Colombian coffee growers Juan Valdez ....Premium Colombian coffee brand, preferred globally for quality and welfare generation to its environment... 2013 downloads (actual) 15.859 million ...The international expansion plan Procafecol progressing successfully under the franchise model; what for the third quarter of 2014 had with the presence of 89 stores Juan Valdez Café in 13 countries outside Colombia ... within increasing management needs The Volume of Mobile Apps will grow ... ...In September 2014 Juan Valdez reached a figure of $ 119,334 million,representing growth of 15%, compared to $ 104,213 million pesos accumulated September 2013... 15% Juan Valdez COFFEE EXCEEDS 200 STORES IN COLOMBIA Generate emotions, wellbeing and satisfaction around the best coffee in Colombia. 2015 downloads (estimated) 16.158 million 50 growth of 8% Procafecol reported at the end of third quarter 2014 Net Income of $ 3,888 million pesos, up 2% to $ 3,806 million weights obtained in the same period of 2013 2% As part of the business strategy Procafecol,conducted an alliance developed by Procafecol with renowned chefs, the Rausch brothers, which has enabled customers to shops Juan Valdez Café, enjoy a special menu Premium accompanied by the best Colombian coffee.
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