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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History Of The Internet Between 1969 until 1976 four essential concepts of the intenet appeared.Arpanet was used for knowledgetransfer. Rand for military concerns. NPL taked cares of commercialsituations, and Cyclades working in scientifictopics. All of them were the basis ofthe creation of networks thatlater made the Internet DARPA created the ARPANET, it was the first network that were part of the origins of the internet. This network allowed communication between thebest universities at that timealong the US. 1969 To avoid the manual programationand indirect conection withcomputers, the remote connection was created in 1957, so developerscould work directly in the computers.Also the Time-Sharing idea allowedthe use of one computer at the sametime with several users. The Cold War was the beggining of everything. There were two technological milestones: The launchof the first satelite andthe appearance of theidea of communicationfurther than physical.Also the idea of decentralized communication started and the model of a distributive network. The Network Working Groupdeveloped the Transmission Control Protocol, it work wasto verificate the file transfer Packet-switching was born to avoid congestion in the networks when information was sent, in this way, the document would get tear down into pieces and reassembled at the receiver.Packet switching was developed between the 1960s and 1970s. When the cold war happened,in case of a nuclear attack the US started thinking of a way toavoid the rupture in communicationif the attack did happen. As a result decentralized communicationemerged so that if one of the pointsthat could transfer information was broken, the information could be sent by other ways. And with a nuclear explosion the radio waves would be blocked so they created a distributivenetwork to transfer the information without radio waves and without direct waves that didnยดt have the range The IP Protocol is the set of rules that controls the files transfer over the internet. It started in 1982 and it is the current way on how the internet is controlled. The machines that acces to the internet agree to followthis terms when they are in it and it is illegal to brake them.
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