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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Journey to the General Election Candidates must meet three qualificationsthat are established in Article 1, Section 3of the Constitution. First stop: SENATE 1. 30 years of age 2. U.S. Citizen for at least 9 years 3. Resident from state which elected There are two senators from each state Terms are 6 years but staggered so both senators from a given state aren't upfor re-election at the same time *Primary Elections:where partisan groups vote to select their nomination for general election. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur VOTE Senate is broken into three classes so that 1/3 of its members are up for relectionafter two years, another third after four years..and so on Next Stop: PRIMARIES The current U.S. senate is made up of 45 republicans, 55 democrats, 2 independents. There are 21 democrats and and 15 republicans up for re-election have to flip 6 seats to gain control in senate; they Republicans have to win 2 seats currently held by incumbent democrats. double click to change this title text! CANDIDATES Pat Roberts Chad Taylor Greg Orman CONTROVERSY Last Stop: Chad Taylor wanted to be taken off of the ballotbecause the vote would be split if he stayed andthe incumbent position would have been dismantled.Taylor tried to drop on Sept. 6th but Secretaryof State Chris Kobak said the deadline was Sept. 4th.Kansas Supreme Court overruled Kobak and Taylor is no longer on the ballot. STUDENT INPUT "When discussing Kansas poltics, the number one thing people look for is bipartisanship.The Chad Taylor\Chris Kobak controversy reallyturned people off partisan politics, and signals trouble for congressional republicans hopingto gain control of the senate." - Senior Hayden Murray *Occur on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month.
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