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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Canada Flag The Singapore Flag Josh and Emilee's Teapot The Small Box Volume Length: 24.5Width: 16.5Height: 11.5 Weight 506 grams Volume 550 cm3 Paint The box, compared to other boxes, is one ofthe smallest. Josh and Emilee planed the box so that with the padding, the teapothas a snug fit. The snug fit will prevent the teapot from moving around, and if it doesn't move around it cannot be broken. The materials for this box were bought by Emileeor they were found in the recycling bin and reused. The weight for the box with the teapot is 689 grams. Making itlighter than other boxes. Materials That are Working Cardboard Duct Tape Bubble Wrap Foam/Sponges The teapot was shipped to Mary Johnston from Australia. When it came to Waterloo the spout was broken off. Mrs.Schaefer had to hotglue the spout back on.The teapot has a blue pattern at the top, andthe rest of it is a glossy white Teapot Troubles Canada may not be known for Teapots but if you needto buy one you can get it at the oldest company in North America. The Hudson'sBay Company. It is 345 yearsold! Josh holding his box in Mary Johnston' slibrary. It is containing the teapot. Crazy Canada Teapot Foam Bubble Wrap The Teapot Tale The "Winning" Box Recyclable Materials Parallelogram The parallelogram is where you put the teapot in the box. (Shown on the diagram) The area is 115cm2. Dimensions Surface Area 1625.5 cm2 4648cm3
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