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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] President The president is the leader of our country. National Legislative Executive Judicial Congress Supreme Court They take care of national issues and are the highest court The congress is split into 2 different sections calledHouse of Representatives and the Senate. State Stephanie Kunze is therepresentative of theUA community in theHouse of Representatives. House ofRepresentative Senate Jim Hughes is therepresentative of the UA community in the Senate. John Kasich is the head "chief" of Ohio. Govenor Legislative Executive Judicial Chief Justice The Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court isMaureen O'Connor. Most Important Leader Ohio's Government President of Senate Speaker of House John KasichThe Govenor Most Important Leader Most Important Leader Maureen O'ConnorChief Justice TWO BODIES House of Representatives- Representatives are chosen to speakfor a certain area based on population- 99 members Senate- 2 Representatives from a certain areaand are chosen to speak for a group.- 33 members SEVEN BODIES Lieutenant Government - 2nd highest public office, behind the governor. State Treasurer- Manages the state's money. Attorney General- Chief legal officer of the state. Secretary of State- Oversees state records, elections and voting, registration of corporations and organizations,and similar functions. THREE BODIES Supreme Court- 7 justices deal with issues from lower courts Court of Appeals- Deal with issues from Common Court of Pleas Court of Common Pleas- Deals with domestic, and juvenile cases, plus probation Duties Bodies The legislative branch writes and makes laws. The executive branch enforcesthe laws or even veto laws that are given to them by the legislative branch. The judicial branch makes surepeople are following these lawsand decides if someone violates them. Ohio State Building Ohio Judicial Center Ohio Executive Building The Ohio Constitution isan example of Checksand Balances becausethis shows how eachbalanced each otherout with the "rules". The 3 branches of governmentare an example of separation of power because without it,only one group would havethe sole power. By: Josh Gorski By: Josh Gorski The representatives are good examples of limited governmentbecause they only allow eachbranch some rights whilst youalso have your own rights too. I believe our government balances personal freedoms and order within the community with the limited government we have in Ohio. Without the limitedgovernment, we would have no say in our rights, and no rights at all. "The choice is not between order and liberty. It is between liberty with order and anarchy without either." - Robert H. Jackson explains that we should haveorder and liberty and the government's power being restraint helps us befree in our lives, and without it, we would have no freedom. This is why I thinkthat limited government plays a big role in government balancing our personalfreedoms and order within our community. Work Cited Images
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