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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Joseph: Bible vs. Qur'an Narrative Summary: Narrative Summary: 1) Joseph has a dream where 11 stars, the sun, and the moon are bowing to him. 2) Joseph's brother's plot to kill him, instead they push him into a well, and convince the father that I wild animal attacked him.3) Joseph is found by a caravan, sold to a wealthy Egyptian merchant. 4) The wife of Joseph's master tries to seduce him, he resists, she lies and says he tried to rape her.5) Joseph is imprisoned.6) In prison, Joseph meets two guys men, interprets their dreams, one dies while the other serves the Pharaoh.7) Pharaoh has a dream, Joseph interprets dream, rewards with ownership of store houses. 8) During Egypts famine, Joseph's brothers come to Egypt, they do not recognize him, he does. Gives them extra food. 9) Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and father after a second visit. Similarities -Joseph is the son of Jacob-Favorite son out of his 11 brothers.-Narrative until Joseph is imprisoned. -Power to interpret dreams! Differences Message -God gives us strength to endure difficult situations.-Forgiveness is always possible with the help of God.-When God is all you have, God is enough. Julio Mendoza Qur'an-Name: Yusuf-HIgh moral character during youth.-Refused to leave the prison until the rape charges were properly dealt with. -Thrown into a well-Prophet destined to save Egypt Bible:-Name: Joseph -Arrogant/spoiled youth-Prolonged story -Thrown into a pit-God saves Joseph References1) (Neutral)2) (Neutral)3) (Pro-Qur'an)4) (Neutral)5) qid=20091026145716AAMVuro (Extremely Biased)6) (Pro-Bible)7) (Bias Forum)8) (Neutral)9) (Pro-Qur'an)10) (Pro-Bible)
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