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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jobs in the U.S Jobs in Africa The average that an American makes in a year $24,000 The average a person makes in Africa is about $5,200 Middle Class UpperClass LowerClass LowerClass UpperClass Middle Class Africa $0-1,520 $40,000- anything & over $1,520- 4,560 1. Lower Class 0-20,000/yr2. Lower Middle Class $20,000-30,000 1.Middle Class $30,000-60,000 1.Upper Middle Class $60,000- 100,0002.Upper Class $100,00 + Upper Class Government jobs1.Account Management Director( Defines business strategies by applying knowledge based on customer market)2.Judge (rules on questions of law and acts as a referee between the litigating parties and renders decisions in legal disputes)3.Landscape Architect Manager(Supervises related activities of landscape architects and technicians)4. Systems Engineering Director( Ensures that hardware or software design and installed in a manner that meets the needs of an organization)5.Cancer Treatment Director(Hosp.Op) - Hospital Operations. Middle Class1. Paramedic(healthcare professional who works in emergency medical situations)2.Insurance Agent(AAA, Statefarm, AllState, Geico)3.Real Estate Sales Agent(Rents, buys, and sells property for clients)4.Surveillance Supervisor- Casino(Ensures compliance with gaming requirements set by state gaming authority and local law enforcement)5.Jeweler(Fabricates and repairs jewelry articles such as rings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, and lockets) Lower Class Jobs1.Barber(someone that cuts hair)2.Bakery Clerk( someone that makes bread,sweets and cakes)3.Motor Racer(a driver competes in road races)4. Nursing Assistant( A person that helps the doctor)5.Library Researcher( a person who helps others fine reasearch/ reading material) Upper Class Jobs1. Government and Defense.2. Independent jobs( Store Manager, Project Manager,Retail Manager)3. Executive and Management(Airline Attended, Book Keeper, Middle Class1 Having a white-collar job(Hotel assistant, Clerk)2.Owning a car(Taxi, Bus Driver) Lower Class Jobs1.Metal workers( People that work with metal meterials 2.Cocoa Field worker(Slave Work)3.Mining(Gold, Diamond, Coal, Chromium) 0 12500 25000 37500 50000 62500 75000 87500 100000 Upper Class Middle Class Lower Class Both Upper Class Middle Class Lower Class The Differences Between Jobs In The U.S And Africa 1. 3. Refrences
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