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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Info graphics The legacy of jfk John f Kennedy a staple of American history that no one will forget he was one of the many people who wanted change for the African Americans so him and Martin Luther king did the civil rights march and created equality for all African Americans in the United States but due to all the white supremacist they assassinated him this devastated Americans everywhere and they to thought that he was the one the best presidents the United States has ever seen The civil rights movement Kennedy was one key parts the civil rights movement the other person being Martin Luther king in 1963 African Americans everywhere came to the White House to protest against the government for their rights but after all the protesting jfk lead Martin Luther King to the podium and let him have his speech which made whites everywhere know that they were treating blacks unfairly and that speech everywhere created equality for all In 1961 after jfk,s election Alan.b shepherd Jr. Becomes the first American to go the moon but this required a lot of funding and wasn't a lot of money left after the world war 2 so the government tried to raise the money to buy the parts for the shuttle and they succeeded and the government thought that this was just the beginning of a new era of technology In 1965 controversial leader of Islam Malcolm x is assassinated in New York City while giving a speech he was a major civil rights activists and tried to continue where Martin and Kennedy left off so he tried to give a speech in New York City but he was shot and killed his death was really controversial due to the fact the he was Islamic
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