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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website link's John Scopes The new laws don't allow any biology teacher to teach about evolution in public schools. But I don't care. I am going to teach evolution anyway. Let the school district sue me! friend's The good the bad and the ugly. information status Update Sources Read more: Scopes trial Has anyone heard the new Jazz song? I got to tell youJazz is the new bees knees. Jazz music was created in New Orleans and it entertains people. People love the assembly line it's a faster way to make car's.This is why car's are cheaper and people are happyer. The radio changed the U.S. and the people because people started to listen to the news and jazz. The best baseball games are on the radio. Every American must love to listen to the games on the radio. New in 1920s How many of you are going to get dolled up and go to the movies tonight.The new Mickey Mouse sound cartoon is coming out tonight I just can't wait Don't you just love the new fashion,with the fedoras, the suits and the leather gloves. ADS Fadora RadioCar Hat for woman Don't you think cars are wonderful the way they make traveling faster. Don't you just love electricity the way that it powers the light bulbs the wash machine and everything else.
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