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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ENGLISH ROMANTICSMJoel TorresDr. D'Angelantonio JOHN POLIDORI COMMITTEDSUICIDE BY DRINKINGPOISON.HE [POLIDORI] THROUGH LOSSES IN GAMBLING AND INCURREDA DEBT OF HONOUR.(ROSSETTI 4) "THE VAMPYRE" WORKS CITED. DEGREE 1810 - studied at University of Edinburgh BIRTHPLACELondon, England April 1819: Polidoripublishes "The Vampyre"in "The New MonthlyMagazine". 1804 - Studied at Ampleforth College FATHER: GAETANO POLIDORI Polidoriretires fromLord Byron. MOTHER: ANNA MARIA PIERCE Polidori kept a personaldiary of the experiences. 1816: DR. POLIDORI ENTERED LORD BYRON'S SERVICE AS PERSONAL PHYSICIAN Each of the names listedhad to write an individualghost-story. Polidori comes up with "The Vampyre". WROTE THESIS ONSLEEPWALKING DATE OF BIRTHSeptember 7, 1795 Polidori left with Byronon April 24 alongside Scrope Davies, and John Cam Hobhouse. JUNE 17 - Party at Colognyconsisting of Byron, Polidori,Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley,and Miss Clairmont. Also speaks about his footthat becomes a barrier inhis travels due to pain. Throughout diary, hewrites of his dailyprocedures with everyone. DATE OF DEATHAugust 1821 LORD BYRON WAS CREDITED FOR WRITING "THE VAMPYRE" BYRON ATTEMPTS TO CLEAR IT UP IN HIS WORK: "FRAGMENT OF A NOVEL" RECEIVED THE DIARY OFDR. JOHNWILLIAM POLIDORI JOHN POLIDORI He returnsto London. Other publications:The Modern Oedipus: A Tale (1819)Ximenes (1819)The Fall of the Angels: A Sacred Poem (1821) 1815: POLIDORIBECAME DOCTOROF MEDICINEAT AGE 19 Polidori continuesmedical career in Norwich. Byron hasinfluence on"The Vampyre"(Rossetti 12) *EVERYTHING PUBLISHED ON THIS INFOGRAPH IS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM "THE DIARY OF DR. JOHN POLIDORI. THE INTRODUCTION IS WRITTEN BY ROSSETTI AND HE IS QUOTED THROUGHOUT. Polidori, John W. The Vampyre: A Tale. Waiheke Island: Floating Press, 2009. Print.Polidori, John William. The Diary of Dr. John William Polidori: Relating to Byron, Shelley, Etc. Ed. William M. Rossetti. London: Elkin Matthews, 1816. Print.
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