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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2009 1955 was when he started to study in Philadelphia under Guitarsit Dennis Sandole. His reputation blossomed from years of decline due to heroin issues. He joined theFirst Great Quintet Red Garland on piano, Paul Chambers onbass, and Philly Joe Jones on drums until 1957. Davis, with John's help, released several influential recordings, which slowly revealed John's potential. "Sheets of sound" was the description jazz critic, Ira Gitler,came up with for John's music. With them, by the end of the period, they made an album known as Atlantic Records, GiantSteps. By the end of his life, he has begun to show increasing interest for avant-garde jazz, where he was terribly influencedby Ayler's trio. In 1965, he went into Van Gelder's studio with10 other musicians to record Ascension, a 40 minute long work Sharaf Momen He grew up in Highpoint, North Carolina.He attended William Pennh High school.As his father died at an early age, he wasraised by his mother and a very close cousin. He served as a musician in the Navy around 1945. Increased intensity, power and passion for jazz. His virtuosity and unique approach to improvisation, made him one of the most influential artists of jazz. He started out by playing the Alto horn, then the clar--inet. After, he became inspired by Lester Young, thus,he began to learn the alto saxophone. John introduced substitute chords for common Jazz chords, thus leading to the creation and highly used Coltrane changes. He developed a largely used chordprogresson of ii-V-I and movement of thirds down and up tonally apart, utilizing a succesion of augmentedtriads. Who was he? His contribution to Jazz Died at the age of 40 Early Life His connections with other musicians John Coltrane Born - September 23rd 1926Death - July 17th 1967 American Jazz Saxophonist and composer
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