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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Volcano Beneath the Snow: John Brown's war against slavery By Albert Marrin 1859 May 9 1800 1816 1855 At the age of 12 Brown became friends with a slave boy which inspired his abolitionist spirit 1812 John Brown was born At age sixteen Brown and his father became involved in the underground railroad Consecrated his life to the destruction ofslavery 1820 Married Dianthe Lusk with which whom heProduced 7 children Brown moves to Kansas with his sons to fight the pro slavery movement which ended upcausing a pro slaverywarrant against him. Brown led anattack on the arsenal in Harper'sFerry where he was captured, tried in a court and sentenced to death. In the book "A Volcano Beneath the Snow" Albert Marrin discusses John Brown's war on slavery. John Brown's upbringing and a personal friendship are what led him to fight the pro slavers of America. This fight against slavery led him to relocate several times, kill several pro slavery leaders and, on death row, give an influential speech which helped contribute to the end of slavery in the UnitedStates. Brown was hung on Dec 8, 1859. As his body swayed in the breeze an African American minister J. Sella Martin stated "John Brown... shall slay more in his death than he ever slew in all his life". I chose this quote because Brown's death set in motion the worst tragedy in American history, the Civil War. 1859
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