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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Connotation Attitude Shift Title Revisited Thematic Statement 2nd Halfof Life Bio Paraphrase Ripen'd implies that the literature he wishesto have written is fully developed and polished.Magic implies that the events of finding love is supernatural and unlikely.Faery implies that real love is as fake as a fairy. He has Fears that hewill not be as accomplished as he desires to be 1-4: Fears he will die before he writes everything.5-12: Fears he will die before he finds love12-14: Accepts that he will not be able to fully accomplish his goals William OnderdonkJacob BrodbeckEllen PerkinsDanielle Morales The expectation of worldly pursuits are futile in the perspective of theuniverse as a whole. Fell sick again in September 1820Had a very painful last few MonthsDied on Feb. 26, 1821 at age of 25Died believing he was a failure Speaker is fearful that he will never documenthis feelings and ideas for literature, then he is pessimistic about finding love. 1816- Worte "Sleep & Poetry"Feb. 1820- began taking Laudanum for Tuberculosis and hemorrhages.It was thought that his health wasmental as much as physical.Was better by June 1820 and then his poems started selling better He has high aspiration forhis life but he fears that he will die beforehe obtains his goals and dreams John KeatsWhen I Have Fears That IMay May Cease to be(He was afraid of death) 2nd Halfof Life Bio
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