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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Islamaphobia in America Recently, Democratic Representative Keith Ellison took his oath of office on an English translation of the Qur'an previously owned by Thomas Jefferson. -Islam has been a debated part of politics since the days of the founding fathers Some anti-Islamist people believe the Qur'an attacks many freedoms and rights (especially pertaining to women). Many Americans see the Qur'an as sexist. -Many Islamic people strongly combat this idea,stating the emphasis of equity between men and women in the Qur'an -Qur'an burnings and mutilations that have occurred in America in the last decade have been punished by American governmental officials. This shows that although there are anti-Islam extremists in the U.S., our government takes steps to protect against these type of people. -Ellison was the first Muslim elected to Congress. -[Qur'an 3:195] Their Lord responded to them, I neverfail to reward any worker among you for the work you do,be you male or female are equal to one another. Photo of Ellison People also have misconceptions about the Qur'ans political teachings believing it advocates for violence and extremism. -The Qur'an clearly speaks against these type of actions, emphasizing the importance of peacefulness and the severity of punishment you will receive for killing the innocent. However, many Americans stillbelieve the Qur'an contradicts itself calling for violence against non-believers. Many Americans have a hatred and fear of Islam and it's holy text. This hatred stemsfrom misconceptions about the religion and is known as "Islamaphobia." -Ellison has had to deal with many Islamaphobic attacks from the generalpopulation and the media. -In 2010, Pastor Terry Jones, was arrested before attempting to burn thousands of Qur'ans. Acts of violence towards the Holy Text of the Qur'an demonstratethe hatred many westerners feel towards the religion of Islam. The Qur'an however, is greatly misunderstood by many who discriminate against it. -In 2012, five U.S. troops were found responsible for the incineration of five Qur'ans. Often, hatred for the Qur'an arises from the fact that many associate Islamwith the war against terror in the Middle East. However, many westerners don't realize that Islam and the Qur'an is in no way an advocate for extremist groups such al the Al-Qaeda. -These events show Islamaphobia in our culture, but also misrepresent the accepting and culturally sensitive ways of many Americans. Cartoon depicting different types of "Islamaphobia" that have occured in the U.S. recently. -In 2010, politicians argued fervently over the possible construction of an Islamic center near "ground zero". This again, shows that acts of terror are often associated with the Islamic religion for many Americans. This results in westerners fearing and hating Islam. Photo of Jones
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