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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 33% THIEVES? JOB - they aren't legal citizens-they don't benefit the United States NO! Should illegal immigrants have legal job opportunities? 10% 15% 59% Percent of Illegal Immigrants to the United States from 2000-2012 Top JobsHeld by I.I. Construction17% Food Prep & Service12% Land &House 19% Production &Material Moving17% Farming25% Protect your businessby checking whether youremployees are legal citizens. Immigration is one of the hottest topics throughout the world, today.Millions of people try, and accomplish illegally immigrating to theUnited States. Many people agree with me on the fact that illegalimmigrants coming here, and applying for, and gaining legal jobsis not okay. Lots of people take different stands on the topic. Suchas, the humanitarian side, that asks the opposition, "Shouldn'twe give illegal immigrants jobs because they need to support their family?" The fact remains that illegal immigrants should not beable to gain legal job opportunities, because they are not legal citizens, and are not in any way beneficial to the United States. It's November 22nd, 2015, at 10 o'clock p.m. Jour alarm starts to wail, like a baby that you never wanted. You hear footsteps downstairs. You are afraid, and you think about what is expensive down there. Your wedding china. You rush downstairs, with a baseball bat in hand, and watch asa burglar starts to pack you chins into a sack, much like the one the Grinch carried. You ask him what he is doing, and the answer that you get back shocks you.He is going to sell your precious china, so that he can make money for his family. You would never let a thief into your home and steal your things just because someone needs to support their family! The thing is, that most of the people that believe differently than me on the job discussion believe that illegals should get jobs because they need to support their family. Think of the burglar scenario. Would you ever let that happen, because that is exactly likethis topic right now. Counter:
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