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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Driving Our Supplies!! Education- High School Experience Grocery store, Restaurants, woodworker, truckdriver(safety clean), Truck Driver(Southern Resin- Elmers Glue).Only job had at work place now Training-CDLs and Hazmats.Did not attend college Interesting and Difficult- Most enjoyable thing about jobis being able to travel the country and help it keep going. The most difficult thing is dealing with weather, time away from home and other drivers. Traits-Intelligence- You have to have common sense on the roadPatience- While driving you have to deal with slow drivers and plus be careful not to hurt someone.Sacrificial- You have to be willing to leave you family for a couple a days Average Day and Extra- The average day for him was getting up and making sure he had his food and shipment information. Once he got out to his delivery station he would take a nap to get some rest. Then it was back home.This is a greg career but you have to want to do it. It doeshave a bunch of perks but there is many downsides.It is hard on you mentally and physically. Advice and Done Different- When selecting a career make sure you enjoy it. Don't choose something for the money or the thrill of it. It has to be something you love. Would not have done something different. Future, Career-This job will always be around. Truck drivers are a very important part of supply the country. He chose this job because he enjoys the scenery and driving. Never wanted another career. Interest- He likes being able to travel and get paid. Skills-Math and Writing- Keeping up a log bookCommunication- Talk to other truck driversMechanic- If something goes wrong with the truck you have to understand how to fix itCooking- Prepping your meals for the road Hours, Pay, Benefits-Averages 50 hours a week.Average $50,000 a year. Health Insurance and Paid vacation days(14).
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