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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Special Education teachers work with children who have a range of learning disabilities. There job is to put a twist on general education lessons so that those with learning disabilities can understand. Training Pay and Hours Christena Shoaf Education Cate Gentry Seminar Dissabilities Paperwork, Paperwork, and more Paperwork "A child with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person" Special Needs Teachers Who did I shadow? The past few weeks I have had the oppurtunity to shadow Ms. Anna Kennedy. Anna is a seventh grade EC teacherat Tyro Middle School. She graduated from North Davidson High School. She then went to UNCG and gained her Bachelors in Special Education (K-12) and Elementary Education (K-6)and was certified in Middle School Mathmaticsand Language Arts. In order to teach special needs a High School Diploma andBachelors in Special Education is needed. A teacher in Davidson County,North Carolina averages around $33,000 a year. Ms. Kennedyworks close to or more than50 hours a week. Spending ten or more hours outside of the classroom. The amount of paperwork that a special needs teacher does is unbelievable. (not taught in school)~IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) foreach child~Work closely with school psychologist,occupational therapist, an speech therapist. double click to change this header text! ~Autism~ADHD~Emotional Disorder~Hearing Impaired~Intellectual Disability~Multiple Disabilities~Specific Learning Disability~Traumatic Brain Injury~Visual Impairment~Bipolar Disorder~Down Syndrome ~Internships at Elementary, Middle, and High Schools~Substituting~Working with The Arc.~Multiple classes at the County Office, EC conferences, and classes with supervisors. Words From Ms. Kennedy "Working with Special Needs Childrenis a tough job. It is important to be sure that you have a passionfor teaching. These children requirea lot of attention and hard work. There will be good and bad daysbut never give up on showing these children love and affection. Be sure to complete your internships. These will be an important part of your career. Pay attention to your studies and learn what is needed to do your bestat your job. Good luck!" Seeing Your Hard Work Pay Off It is difficult to see the lack ofparent involvement in the education of the children. The parents teach the studentsthat education is not important.Students don't want to learnbecause they believe education is not important.This is where the teacherscome into play. They remindthe students how big of a priority education is. A goodeducation can help a child prestiege in life. A Day in the Life of a Special Ed. Teacher ~Waking up early~Lesson Plans~Assessing student growth~EC paperwork~Student Safety~Meeting Deadlines~Working off the clock
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