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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *She has been working here for about about a year;beforehand she was with property managementfor 7 years. SECRETARY OF S&S BUILDING -- Mrs. Kristie *Technology, collaboration and relationship building *Attire is based on what they're doing. Formeetings, you have to dress nice.On a regular day they can wear jeans and a t-shirt. *Inputting invoices, submit for architect, make sure workers have what they need,so anything to moveforward.*Can be stressful but it's up to you. *Worked with construction/building and enjoyed it. ARE YOU *Most Interesting: learns something new everyday.Most Rewarding: seeing new buildings completed. *Enjoys the environment and knows stuff from previous job. Planned to go back for Accounting.Her previous jobwas propertymanagement. *Degree in Information Processing Technology *No other jobs prepared her for her current job.*Did not get any trainingor continued education. *Went to school for her position not the industry. *Works 40 hours/week.*Starting: $30,000-$32,000a year. *Receives health insurance, paid vacation and company meals. *Patience, Multitask, and Prioritize *Grammar and Math *It's a sustainable job, it can't be outsourced. *Most difficult/frustrating part: dealing with different personalities and making them work together. *Learn to multitask.
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