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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hours/ Pay/ Benefits Pros & Cons Eduction Job Interview Interviewer: Andrew HaltomInterviewed: Ron Everette -Hours: Forty Hours a week, but canrange to 60 hours. -Pay: $55,000-60,000-Benefits: Paid Vacation, Health Insurance, and working preferred hours. - Highest education of 7th grade- Drop from school because because of consistent movement. - He taught most of his grammar and literature skills to himself. -Traits: Creativity, Communication, and Problem Solving -Academic Skills: Critical Thinking, Mathematics,-Active Listening, Trouble Shooting, and Operation Monitoring. -Non-Academic Skills: making use of tools, welding, silver soldering, brazing, and operating power tools machinery. -Owning a company can be unpredictable.-During the 1990's was his booming years, which brought him good fortune. -Desired to be hands on, creative, and owning his own business was his drive. - Unpredictable complications is the mostinteresting part of his job. Overcoming these complications is most rewarding.-Most frustrating part of owning his own businessis the stress. Stress proposes much pressure. -Be prepared to work many hours owning your own business and coping with pressure. -If he was able to complete his education through school, and receive a degree in mechanical engineeringhe would done it. With a degree he would of been ableto expand his company and reach his point of career a lot simpler. -"You don't want to work all your life, get a degree" -From 7:00am-6:00pm he operates machinery, drawing blue prints, trouble shooting, and speaking with CEOs of other companies. On average he is designing, and manufacturing machines he has developed. Daily Routines/ Revising Academic & Nonacademic Skills and Traits Sustainbility & Choice of Career Life Advice Daily Routine & Revising Work Experience - Worked at many companies such as Mills, Micky Body Repair, PPG and now Everette's Company, which he owns.- Through these companies he learn mechanics, and operating machinery.-At first he was a floor sweeper, but through hard work and dedication he was able to move up positions.
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