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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Yarn Dyed Painted Threads Crop Top Fiber Content Yarn Knits No Finish Garment Portrait - Spun Yarns-Three Ply --Added Strength-Specialty: Slub Yarns 87% Polyester/ 10% Rayon/ 3% Spandex-Light weight, Flexible, Drapable-Durable, Excellent Strength, Abrasion Resistance, Resilience-Fairly Elastic-Hydrophobic, Fair Thermal Retention -Yarn Dying--> creates stripe pattern-Better Quality than piece dying-Not always thorough-More Expensive than Piece and Garment Dyed Garments-Garment's Price: $50 -More expensive because of dying process-Brand name affects price (Painted Threads- Nordstrom) * Made in U.S.* - 97% of Garments purchased in U.S. are imported- U.S. textile workers' wages: $8.25 to $14 per hour. -Effect: garment is more expensive-Compared to China where it is 93 cents an hour- China: The largest apparel manufacturer - Trend to outsource goods-->Rare to find "Made in U.S.A."Manufacturing in America:-Makes more jobs- less unemployment-Causes wages to rise-Brings money into the economy-More politically, financially and militarily securePeople Love American Goods-Support safe working conditions-Support Child Labor Laws-American processes- cleaner for environment-Consumer Protection laws in place-Contributing to a honest day's wages-Other Countries- no minimum wage restrictionOther "Made in America" brands that we love:-Alex & Ani-American Apparel-Lucky -Knit- More Stretch than Wovens-Weft Knit- Jersey Knit-Tuck Stitches--> Poor Cover- SPI= 7 x 8 Sources Jillian Moffa
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