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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Immigration in the USA When and where did the most of immigration come to United States? Immigration to the United States reached its peakfrom1880-1920,brought thousands of and people to new world. Why did immigration came to USA? Almost of immigrations move to USA becauseof reasons.They are poor on their own country.They want earn ,however send back to their poor family.Immigrants were tired of live without money. They immigrated to the USA to improve hard situation in hometown. IRISH GERMAN economic more money What did immigrants did in America? Immigrants work as inUSA. There are many childrenwho have not completed high school even only ten-years-oldforce to work as in the factories,even though girls.They don't have money enough to study. They only way to earn money is work as . These immigrants take train and ship come to Ellis Island of America. Before they enter the Ellis Island, they had take on line to wait for officials check them. The officials checkthem body whether they are health or not. And they also askthem a lot of questions. If they doing good, they may allow to enter Ellis Island, If not, they would be sent back to owncountries. labor labor labor The journey of immigrants. I got a immigration experience when my first time come to the United States. I took flightfrom my city which is lie in south of China to the HongKong, transferred flight in the Korean.I fill in some document on the plane. Then I arrived in the Washington DC., America. I took a line to passed through customs. when I got my turn, a official woman check my passport and asked if I came for study. I said yes, she told me to made a fingerprint and she stamped on my passport. Then I passed the customs, another customs took my I-94 before I was going to the exit. Finally, I entered America successfully. My own immigrant experience. wn noflash.html
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