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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jews Arabs Jewish Claims to the Holy Land: - The Old Testament says that Jews struggled to survive and longed for the promised land- 1200 BC was when they they first settled there- During 586 BC their temple was burned down and again in 70 AD - 135 the Jewish Diaspora starts and Jews were kicked out of their homeland- God promised them this land - Jews never lost hope and always said the phrase "next year in Jerusalem" Arab Claims to the Holy Land: - during the 7th century, Palestine was taken over by the Arabs and their religion spread through the Middle East and North Africa- Jerusalem and specifically the Dome of the Rock became a sacred place for them Who had the land first? Answer: BOTH! Abraham was the first to have the holy land and he is both the Jews' and Arabs' ancestor. Abraham's son Isaac is the father of the Jewish people. Abraham's son Ishmael is the father of the Arab people. British Promises Balfour Declaration Hussein-McMahon Letters The British Government said to the Jews that they supported them and promised to set up a national home for Jews in Palestine. The Government said that they would not kick the Arabs out. The British Government told the Arabs that they would be given an Arabian Kingdom in Palestine and that they would be given a good portion of the land East of Egypt. WWI Ends - Holy Land that was under Ottoman Empire Rule is Now Ruled by the Allied Powers VS Palestine under British mandate and ruled directly by the British. Palestine Between the Wars: Palestine Between the Wars: The number of Jewish immigrants moving to Palestine growsexponentially. Arabs try to stop Jews from coming to Palestine. There is violence betweenPalestinian-Arabs and Jews. WWII White Papers: White Papers: The British issued a document that limited the number of Jewish Immigrants into Palestine to 75,000 over the next 5 years, from1939 - 1944. The British needed to find some way to get the Arabs on their side. Limiting the number of Jewish immigrants into Palestine was just the thing to get the Arab military to fight for them and help them win the war. The Holocaust: The Jews were persecuted by the Nazis during WWII and 6 million Jews were killed. That is 60% of their population. There was a sudden Worldwide sympathy for the Jews and even United States President Harry S. Truman urged that Jews should be admitted to Palestine, their holy land. The Holocaust: The Arabs felt like they were being punished for the Holocaust. Thousands of Jews flooded into Palestine trying to escape persecution and there was nothing that the Arabs could do about it. In 1945 they formed the Arab League, an attempt at a unified Palestinian Arab leadership body that competed with the Jews. 1948 - The State of Israel is declared by the United Nations UN Partition Plan: UN Partition Plan: The Jews got 56% of Palestine. The Arabs got 44% of Palestine. Wars that Changed Borders War of 1948: War of 1948: This war is referred to by Arabs as The Catastrophe. The Arabs really made a mistake when they attacked Israel because they lost a good percentage of their already small land. The Arabs land is now limited to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The War of 1948 was between the Arabs and the Jews living in Israel. This war is referred to by Jews as The War of Independence. Israel won and increased their land share from 56% to 77% of the holy land. Six Day War: Six Day War: Israel invades Egypt and is about the destroy them when the Soviet Union convinces a cease fire. The Jews now have more than 100% ofthe holy land. The Arabs lose the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. Peace Camp David Peace Accords: In1979, United States President Jimmy Carter hosted the Camp David Peace Accords. The USA was the mediator who arranged a peace treaty between Egypt, aka the Arabs, and Israel. The Jews agreed to stop building settlements in Jerusalem, and returned the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank to Egyptians for peace. Israel went back to the shape that it is today. The Jews and The Arabs Are Finally at Peace! The Arab-Israeli Conflict
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