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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHO IS JESUS? WHO JESUS IS NOT •Jesus is truly God He performed miracles and was conceived by Mary the Mother of God. Jesus is truly human He thought with a human mind. He loved with a human heart. He had friends. Jesus is one person with two natures, unmixed and undivided He is both human and divine. Jesus' humanity and divinity are joined in the hypostatic union He is fully divine and is fully man. Jesus makes God's love visible to us in a perfect way. God invites us to be in communion with through Jesus. He invites us into the Church. He gives us reconciliation. He encourages us to come to Heaven. Gnosticism Jesus was a Christian and the principles of Gnosticism contradict what it means to be a Christian. Apollinarianism Arianism Nestorianism Monophysitism Jesus had a human mind and also a divine mind. Apollinarianism sets itself with the idea that he did not have a human mind. The relationship between the Son of God and God the Father was a doctrine. Arianism disregards that to an heresy. Christ is one person. Nestorianism expresses the concept of Jesus being 2 distinct persons. Jesus is two natures not one. Monophysitism favors that Jesus is only one nature.
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