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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 International Criminal Court International Justice -Created in 2002, after two years when theRome Statute was signed.-the world's first permanent international judicial body-The US was one of the 7 who opposed the formation of this-The US pushed legislation to punish anyonewho supported the ICC-All of USA's allies voted for the ICC Universal Jurisdiction -"The principle that every country has an interest in bringing to justice the perpetrators of grave crimes, no matter where the crime was committed, and regardless of the nationality of the perpetrators or their victims." The Pinochet Case -involves the former Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet.-He was accused of "ordering killings, abductions and torture of over 1000 Chileans and others during his 17 years of rule."-He could not be tried because of the lack of international judicialsystem. International Tribunals -"courts established to try individuals accused of crimes recognized under international humanitarian law as committed in a specific place at a particular time." International Justice Day -celebrated on 7/17, the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute-"a celebration and recognition of the achievements of international criminal justice that have occurred since Tokyo and Nuremberg trials after World War II."-"Since 1998, around 200 trials dealing with terrible crimes in 12 different countries have been held by 6 international tribunal trial courts."
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