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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Charley is physically tall. This doesn't connect to how he changes but it shows how he got into the army.Charley is good at getting his way. Charley can easily persuade his mom to let him join the armyCharley is excited. He really wants to serve the country and join the army. Pleasantly designed byJess Kobrick A Soldiers Heart by Gary Paulsen How Charley changes throughout the story Charley at the end of the story Some interesting and important things to know about Charley Charley is very strong and tall. This is how he got into the military. He lied about his age but they fell for it.Charley at the middle of the story becomes scared yet numb to what's around him. He even sleeps next to a wall of dead bodies. He becomes a raging madman.Charley soon realizes that war isn't what he thought is is. Charley at the middle of the story Charley at thebeginning of the book Charley is strong. He helps his fellow soldiers a lot.He doesn't care anymore. He doesn't think in times, but in wars. He also slept next to a wall of dead people.Charley is now a rule follower. He listens to his peers and follows their rules. He doesn't lie. Charley is injured. The author leads us to believe that he is dead. Later we find out that he is basically crippled.Charley feels like he's really old, he has to walk with a cane, thinks he's seen too much, thinks he's old in the mindCharley is now negative, he wondered if he should commit suicide and end the pain
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