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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Too Much Technology NO. 001 NO. 003 NO. 002 Is technology helping you spend your time wisely or should you be doing more active things on your free time. Technology such as an iPhone, laptop, & etc. are being abused some claim to say that advanced technology at a very young age helps them i say it causes more problems to there future. Why? well ask yourself have you ever just sat at home and been on your phone or television all day, well that can cause many things such as depression, headaches, eye strain, & back ache. We used to have rules about leaving our smart phones in our back packs now its being used in class for school work as they say but i think even the teachers like being on the web and hearing the gossip or drama everything comes in to play why are we now allowing technology to be okay and safe for kids to use it in class. They already abuse enough how long till they abuse at school they say 51% of entering high school students carry a smartphone and yet 70% percent use it to entertain themselves but 30% percent for actual educational useage. If people weren't so in to spending there time on there phones or laptop they could be doing something that will help them in there future or have someone to play a sport with just go out and do something get some air. The more hours spent in the digital world the more hours not spent on something more valuable.
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