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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WILD FIRES Types of WILDFIRES GROUND FIRES SURFACE FIRES CROWN FIRES Ground fires burn both on and under the ground. Theyburn up roots and can last for long periods of time. Surface fires burn low tothe ground and burn updead branches, pine needles,and other dried debris. Crown fires burn anythingabove ground and devourswhole trees and everythingin its path. It's the strongestof all the types of fires. FIREFIGHTERS Someone trainedto put out dangerouswildfires. Firefighters sometimesuse prescribed fire to remove debris andprevent further fire. Fire Managers use datato determine a strategyto put out the fire. Hotshot Crew and HandCrew are a group of 20people who clear a stripof land so that the fire will no longer have fuelto burn. Helitact Crew repel outof helicopters on ropesallowing them to reachthe fire quickly. Smoke jumpers parachuteout of planes so that theycan fight harder to reachplaces. Engine Crew consists of 3to 10 people, use longhoses and use up to 250to 750 gallons of water tofight fire. Incident Management Teamprovides equipment, food, transportation, and anythingelse that the firefighters need. 3 elementsrequired for a FIRE HEAT: from thesun, lightning,or manmademachinery. FUEL: fromwood, oil, anddebris. OXYGEN: fromthe air Fire Managers use data todevelop a strategy to put outthe fire. FIREFIGHTERS People trained toextinguish dangerousfires. Firefighters sometimesuse prescribed fires toclear an area of debrisand fuel to prevent futurefires from getting too big. For a fire to occur, all threeelements must be present. IF YOU SEE A FIRE, GET TO ASAFE AREA AND CALL 911. Peshtigo Fire On October 8, 1871, same night as the Chicago Fire, the Great Peshtigo Fire raged through northeastern Wisconsinand upper Michigan. The fire killed between 1,200 to 2,500people, completely destroyed the town of Peshtigo, andburned more than 1.2 million nacres. Jeremiah Nguyen
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