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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Earthquakes! Mechanical Process - Occur along tectonic plates/boundaries- A sudden jolt causes the sudden releaseof energy and stress that has built up withinthe rocks found in the Earth's surface Regions at Risk - Areas within the "Ring of Fire"- San Andreas Fault, Southern California- Alpine Fault, New Zealand - Off the coast of Japan Impacts of the Disaster- Can create naturalbarriers that slow the flow of water, oil, or natural gases- May expose mineral resources - Can kill thousands of people - Destroys homes/business- Affects the availability of clean water and food Tsunami! Preventative Measures - Education for the public about what to do before and after- Earthquake Hazard ReductionPrograms in Canada and the U.S- Changing building designs and materials to minimize damage Volcanoes! Case Study - 7.6 magnitude earthquake off the eastern Philippine Island of Samar- It caused a mini tsunami on October 15, 2013- Killing at least 93 people Regions at Risk - Areas within the "Ring of Fire"- Areas near the water or close to plate boundaries- Same areas as earthquakes because they are the main cause of tsunamis Impacts of the Disaster - Help form coastal dunes - Humans/Animals may drown- Damage to homes and businesses- Can cause fires - Erosion Preventative Measures - Education on Tsunami Watch Tsunami Warnings Signs of a Tsunami - Structural Control Case Study - North Pacific Coast of Japan- It was a 9.0 magnitude earthquakeon March 11, 2011- It killed more than 18, 000 people Mechanical Process - Located in areas where tectonic plates meet- Typically form at convergent and divergent boundaries- Constant movement of the Earth's crust causes frictionthat melts the crust, causing the rock beneath the crust to liquefy - This becomes magma and erupts through rifts in the plates Regions at Risk - Areas within the "Ring of Fire"- Alaska's Aleutian Islands - Eastern Coast of Asia Impacts of the Disaster - Helps create new land - Can be used as a source of power- Can kill humans and animals - Causes damage to homes and businesses Preventative Measures - Safety Kits in homes- Evacuation Plan- Changing building locations Case Study - Mount Ontake Volcano Eruption on October 1, 2014- Killing 47 people Regions at Risk: - They all occur within the "Ring of Fire" in the Pacific Mechanical Process: - They all occur at convergent and divergent plate boundaries- Shifts in the Earth's plates can cause earthquakesand volcanoes- Earthquakes are the number one cause of tsunamis Human & Environmental Impact: - All three can cause similar damage - Can cause many deaths between humans and animals - Destroys homes, businesses, water supplies,food supplies Similarities?
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