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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Adoration of Jenna Fox look like? What Does Our IICS How diverse of a community ARE we? IICS has students and staff from many different places. Our diversity and our internationalism connects us. Where do we come from? Where do we live? 25% 3 other How do we get to school? >1% 27% 20% 3% 2% Africa 1Asia 112Australia/Oceania 9Europe 259N. America 152S. America 14 Near Marmara 32%Uptown 26%North Shore 18%Kemer 12%Downtown 5%Asian Side 4%Airport Area 2% 75% # of Students by Continent: How long do we stay in Istanbul? 47% 2.5Years 3Years 2Years 3+Years 1-2Years countries AtakoyFloryaYesilkoy Alkent 2000BahcesehirBuyukcekmeceCorlu Arnavutkoy/ Bebek/ Etiler/ LeventOrtakoy/ Rumeli Hisar/ Ulus EmirganIstinyeTarabyaYenikoyZekeriyakoy BeyogluNisantasiSisliTaksim Kavacik Secondary Topic: Character analysis: Thesis support: The strain and distress that parents have to overcome when accepting there child's death 1. Jenna's parents we're pressured to make a hasty desition to keep theirloved daughter alive, causint them to ignore the consequences of their acts and what Jenna would have truly wanted. 2. Jenna was adored by her parents deeply that when the accident took place, they intended to recreate this person they we're so devoted to, expecting the Jenna to be as perfect as she was before the accident. Adoration... Fantastic! Thesis statement: Main Topic: The strength of parental love, what parent is capable of doing for its child Bioethics and medicine Plot: 16 year old Jenna Fox from a comma after a car accident, during her recovery she struggles to remember her past and then finds out she is a lab creation developed by her father`s Bio-Gel company. Summary: The adoration of Jenna fox written by Mary E. Pearson, tells the story of a lab created teenager that wakes after a comma and cannot remember who she was. Time Setting Book Genre Science Fiction Near future. A big empty house in a rich neighborhood and a small school at a small city in California Jenna AngelineFox Matthew Fox Claire Fox Lily Ethan ProtagonistJenna is a girl struggling with heridentity. She is curious, caring and tendsto analyze things around her. At the beginning of the novel she is insecure but confident in the end. He is the creator founder and ex owner of Fox BioSystems, creator of Bio-gel.He is Jenna´s father that breaks the law to keep her alive. He is straightforward, concerned and protective. Jenna´s mother. In the novel her intentions are to give give Jenna what she thinks is best for her. She is anxious, strict,veryprotective and controlling. Jenna´s Grandmother. She doesn't agree with Jenna´s parents decisions. She used to be a doctor but now is against medical evolution. She has a strong character, is straightforward,and honest. At the beginning of the novel Jenna finds her obnoxious but in the end she connects to her. He is a caring, friendly and an understanding boy. He is Jenna´s first love. He almost kills a man making him appear difficult but he is very gentle and empathic. He marries Jenna in the end of the novel. Kara Manning and Locke Jenkings Allys Dane He lives near Jenna and goes to school with her. He tries to attack Jenna.He has a strong, unstable, impulsiveand conflictive personality. He is Jenna´s neighbor and her first friend after the comma. He is helpful, cheering,caring and empathic. At the end of the novel, it is revealed that his real name is Edward,that he is a good friend of Mr. Fox and part of an emergency escape plan. They are Jenna´s best friends from Boston. She suffers the accident with them but they do not survive. Jenna hears their voices when trying to remember them. Later in the book she finds their back-ups and she struggles to free them. She is one of Jenna´s new friends f+rom school. She suffers a incurabledisease. She blames her treatment and the out of control medical systemor the loss of her limbs and arms soshe decides to volunteer at the ethicsoffice at her local hospital supporting the F.S.E.B.. She is against Bio-gel and Fox Biosystems. She is caring, cheerful,smart and determined. Bio-Gel Bio-Gel is a substance created by Fox Bio-Systems. It is an oxygenated gel capable of replacing any organ in the human body because it i