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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evidence On why the Movement of Heat causes Volcanoes and Earthquakes There are 3 types of heat transfers Heat transfer is like heat that moves examples are form solid to gas or liquid to gas Convection currents is movements of mass caused by heated atoms or particles in a heated substancethat travels to a colder substanceof fluid It also can be used in nature The Earth is split into 8 continental plates it moves by the heat of the Earth's core Earthquakes and Volcanoes areboth similar because a lot of Volcanoes and Earthquakeshappen on the edge of the Earths platesalso known as the ring of fire. Both are constructive even if it causes great damagewe get most naturalresources or land fromit Volcano Constructive Destructive The magma that comes out of volcanoes used as new land The ash that comes outof a volcano is verytoxic and kills many people Heat from the core of the Earth causes most of the Earth's dangerous natural disasters The seafloor is very deep and its spreading and getting deeper thecause of this is that the mid ocean ridges are being formed and forming new oceanic crust which is created by volcanic activity this spreadinghelps explain the theory of continental drift and plate tectonics Continental Drift is the movement of the Earth's continents. Evidence of animals that couldn't swim and was originally from another continent was found in a continent that never had that kind of species Seismic Waves are waves that are full of energy or heat that travels through the earth's layers they have or the results are Earthquakes AND Volcanoes
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