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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Warning-If flood occurs, go to higher ground and avoid areas subject to flooding do not attempt to walk across stream-Joshua and JasperWhen its flooding outside you will need to listen to the radio so you can know how strong is the flood and what can you do to survive when its happening FLOODS Information about floods Floods can cause a lot of damage to cars and other transportations.They can go to more than 40km per hour.Floods with no warnings are called flash floods.Do not use any electricity because the electricity from the outside is all brokered What will you do before a flood first aid kit . for getting hurt .and water bottle. If youre thirsty. Radio you need a radio to prepare because before ,during a flooding and after that you will need to know can we go out now.Phone.To hear things battery backup charge What do you do during a flood You need a phone when you have the app radio and the flashlight if your flash light ran out of batteryYou will need a battery backup because you will need to charge your phone to call for help. What you need to do after a flood call the workers to refix your house if they can . You just drink some water for hygiene and healthy . charge your phone if theres no battery. Keep charging until your phone is full charged. After a natural disaster listen to the radio and see if you are safe or not safe yet or else the flood. BY:JASPER LAU
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