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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Springfield Public SchoolsJarrett Middle School Subgroup Characteristics2012-2014*Free:60-64%*Reduced:8-10%*Full Pay:27-30%*SPED:11-13% DEMOGRAPHICS(2012-2014):Black:9-12%White:80-82%Hispanic/Latino:5%Am. Indian:1%Asian: 3% Annual Performance Report Data 2012 85.7% Points Earned: Problem Areas: Attendance 2013 55.7% Points Earned: Problem Areas:Std. 1/2:Math/Sci, Attendance 2014 55.7% Points Earned: Problem Areas: Std. 1/2 All Areas STAFF CHARACTERISTICSStudent/Teacher Ratios 2012-2014:19:1, 20:1, 19:1Teachers with Adv. Degrees 2012-201475%,83.2%,83.7%Years Experience 2012-201414.3 yrs, 13.6 yrs, 13.5 yrs Internet Usage 90% of Millennials 75% of Millennials use social media Why are scores suffering? Today's teachers Jarrett MS saw improvement in Science and Attendance in 2014. The APR did not reflect Science gains, though, as 2013 scores were included in rolling average calculations, bringing point values down. The 10.5% gain is being recognized. ATTENDANCE What can we CONTROL? In 2012, a large portion of Bowerman students were classified as Basic ACCOMPLISHMENTS Jarrett MS increased its attendance rate by 2% in 2014 to 80% of its students attending 90% of the time. Jarrett MS Opportunities for Improvement Jarrett MS Opportunities for Improvement 2013 results conveyed major dropsin Math/Science How do we improve in 2015? CWTs are down 21% since 2012 and 13% since 2013.Leaders reported HIGH levels of student collaboration and clear targets, while the degree of challenge and student contribution remained low. This could suggest that students are disengaged, and this disengagement is possibly reflected on state test performance. Here is What We Know... 60% OF POINTS EARNEDON APR**80% ATTEND 90% OF THE TIME WHY? 2014 results showed large drops in Math and ELA, but an improvement in Science. How might the demographiccharacteristics impact student achievement reports? 76 middle schools in MO demographically similar to Jarrett had 71% of students achieve Proficient/Advanced Status on the State Test. According to building principals, this is mainly attributed to: *2014 MAP Changes *2014: Higher Academic Standards *2014 SNOW DAYS
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