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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tsunami in Japan By. Amrita and Jaanvi TEXTHERE EMPTY CONCEPT CREATE tap and hold to change this header text! tap and hold to change this header text! What was it? When and where did it happen? How does it happen? Why did it happen? A tsunami is a very long sea wave caused by an earthquake, or after disturbance. The tsunami happened in 2011 and took place in Japan.A tsunami is formed by an earthquake under the ocean floor. This earthquake pushes a large volume of water to the surface to create waves.The tsunami in Japan happened because the tsunami had a magnitude of 8.9 which caused a tsunami to happen. Was there any major safety concerns as a result of this disaster? There were nuclear reactors in the area in where people are living Japan or any area the nuclear reactor are.There was no electricity sometime. tap and hold to change this header text! What was the results or consequences of this disaster? 100 people lost lives in the earthquake and 20,000 people lost their lives in the tsunami. Many buildings were also collapsed. How did this disaster affect Canada? The tsunami affected British Columbia. People in British Columbia cleaned up through. Now it's alright they have completely cleaned up in 2013. How did Canada offer assistance to this affected region? Ninety-one countries and nine international organisations have so far offered to assist with relief in Japan, The number of countries pledging support increased over the weekend as the devastation in Japan became apparent. Fifty countries offered assistance the day the tsunami struck. Did any other countries help? Canadians have already donated $77,000 to help victims.The Canadian Red Cross is reaching out online and through social media to raise funds for victims of the catastrophic tsunami.There were more campaigns, fundraisers, and etc. tap and hold to changethis text! www. awww. Japantsuniami.comwww.sciencelife/Japa
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