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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4. What did Japanese Americans had to eat? Treatment and Creation Treatment and Creation Food, Work,& Number of J.A. Food, Work,& Number of J.A. Clothes, Location, and Moving Clothes, Location, and Moving 9.. Where was each Internment Camps located? 1. Why was the Japanese American Internment Camps created? 3. Why did some Japanese American dies in the Internment Cmaps? 8. What type of clothing did J.A. wore the the camps during WW1? It was located in Utah, Arkansas, Colorado, Arizona, California, Wyoming, and Idaho. "Living Condition of Japanese American Internment Camps." Period #'s LA Wiki/.Web.2 Mar. 2015 <http://la> In the camps anyone over 5 years old could't drink milk. 5. How much do adults get paid and do they get paid per hour or day? 2. How was Japanese american treated it the camps? They couldn't get much of medical care and they had a lot of stress from work. The Pearl Harbor explosion cause these camps to be made. Japaneses American had nothing to do with it but their ancestry cause them to go. Citation and Insteresting Facts and Citation and Insteresting Facts and Adults only get paid $5 per day. By: Jalaya Reid By: Jalaya Reid Japanese American Internment Camp Japanese American Internment Camp Japanese Americans were treated poorly. They had to live in a small hut with an entire family They had to eat potatoes and bread everyday. "Japanese-American Internment." Independence Hall Association. Web. 2 Mar. 2015 <>. The Camps were only located on a eastern side of the US. They only had to wear the clothes they came with. Americans thought most of J.A. was spies for the Japanese Gov't to do something like the Pearl Harbor explosion. Infoplease.Infoplease.Web.2 Mar. 2015. <>. "JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMP." INSERT TITLE HERE. Web. 2 Mar. 2015. <>. 6.How many J.A. left their homes and was forced into an Internment Camp? Over 120,000 J.A. was forced into the Internment Camps. 7. How did J.A. work in the Internment Camps? J.A. had to work as farmers producing food. 10. Why did Americans put Japanese-Americans in the camps? Japanese American couldn't eat meat until the 12th day of small portions.
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