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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Egg Cell Location: Fallopian TubeLabel: none Location: Fallopian Tube Label: none Location: Fallopian TubeLable: Totipotent Sperm Cell Zygote Morula Location: Fallopian TubeLabel: Totipotent Blastocyst Location: UterusLabel: Pluripotent Gastrula Location: Uterine LiningLabel: Multitipotent From Sperm to Fetus in 3D Placenta Location: UterusLabel: Totipotent Embryo Location: UterusLabel: Totipotent Inner Cell Mass Location:Uterus Label: Totipotent Embryonic Stem Cells Location: UterusLabel:Pluripotent Adult Stem Cells Location: UterusLabel:Pluripotent. 1.Fertilization, Travel of ovum from tube to uterus begins.2. Early cell division and formation of embryonic disc from which new organism will develop.3. Early form of three cell layers: ~(1) the ectoderm, from which sense organs and nervous system will develop ~(2) the mesoderm, from which circulatory, skeletal and muscular systems will develop ~(3) the endoderm, from which digestive and more systems will develop. Organ System Timeline Organ System Timeline Processes of Life Its showing growth and development because the it goes through multiple stages. It goes through homeostasis because itimmediately has to get embedded into the uterine lining. It also shows reproduction by going from 1 cell to multiple cells to eventually form an embryo. Then it shows metabolism by getting the nutrients, food, and energy to form into an embryo.Inheritable traits come from the mother's egg cell and the father's sperm cell. LAYER MAJOR ORGANS Ectoderm outer brain & spinal cord Mesoderm middle kidney & ovaries/testicles Endoderm inner lungs, liver & pancreas
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