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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Invasive Animal: Africanized Honey Bees AKA Killer BeesScientific Name: Apis mellifera scutellata Killer Bees originate from Africa and Europe but were spread to South America due to their importance as pollinators.They have moved up from South America at a rate of 200 miles a year and at around 1990 enteredthe United States. Killer Bees look like common HoneyBees are .75 inches in length, covered in fuzzand are brownish with black stripes. They have 4 clear wings and 6 legs.They are much more agressive and defensive than rergular bees. These bees are extremely adaptable and can live almost anywhere as seen by their rapid expansion inSouth America. They prefer a warm environment with lots of trees and flowers. Killer Bees have killed 1000 people since their introduction into Brazil. Native bees are also being out competed. These Bees reproduce quickly and use resources extremely fast to where beekeepers cant compete with them and the environment is drained of resources. The use of these bees in the U.S is discouraged. In South America beekeepers keep colonies on one stand at a time and use lots of smoke to control them. In the U.S drone flooding help keep native and killer bees from mating and re queening- where the beekeeper becomes the queen also helps in this respect. The public must become more educated aboutthese bees and report all swarms to localofficials and pest control. Monitoring programsand inventory programscan help keep stock of these bees. Also beekeepers are exterminating killer bees nests. All bees are integral toenvironmental health and these are no exception.
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