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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 James Marion SimsThe dark history behind the father of modern gynecology Goal of Research To curevesicovaginal fistulas. Vesicovaginal fistulas: an opening in the urinary tract, causing uncontrollable and constant urine leakage The Atrocity Sims found enslaved African American women with fistulas and housed them in a small, reclusive hospital in Montgomery, Alabama. He performed procedures on those women that were practiceruns of fistula repairs, since he had to experiment in order to find a viable repair option. Sims did not use anesthesia withhis test subjects, while he found it necessary to provide ether towealthy white women for the same type of operations. Why? Enslaved African American women were selected because of their class and race, and were most likely viewed more as objects than human beings. These women had a painful condition and had no other options of medical care. Research on Humans Scientists needed to conduct vesicovaginal fistulas repair research on humans as the condition affected many women and was considered incurable. Benefit The first successful method of treating a vesticovaginal fistula was developed. Previous methods had done nothing but to further increase the discomfort of the woman. Vesticovaginal fistula was previosly thought of as incurable but with Sims work, he was able improve the patients quality of life. Laws Nuremberg Code (1947): Informed consent is required for experiments.U.S. Surgeon General policy statement (1966): All research with human subjects require prior review.13th amendment (1865): abolished slavery and established basic human rights for people of color; didnt really work because further experiments were performed on groups of people because of their race. A portrait of Sims himself
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