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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 James Madison Madison's dad, James Madison Sr. (1723- 1801) grew up on his tobacco plantation called Mount Pleasant. He inherited this 5,000 acres of land when he was an adult and became the largest landowner. James's mother, Nelly (1731- 1829) was born at Port Conway. James's parents were married September 15, 1749. Parents Family James was born March 16, 1751 in Conway Virginia. He was the oldest of 12 children, his parents had seven boys and four girls. Three of his siblings died when they were infants, one of them was stillborn. His sister Elizabeth (7) and brother Reuben (3) died because of contaminated water. From ages 11- 16 "Jemmy" Madison went to school under Donald Robertson. Madison learned math, goegrophy, and modern and ancient languages. He really liked Latin. He said he owed his learning to his teacher, Robertson. High School Education College Years Although his health was damaged, Madison graduated in 1771 and he knew, Latin, Greek, Science, Geography, Math, Philosophy, and Rhetoric. After graduation, he stayed a student at Princeton to learn Hebrew and political philosophy. James studied law, not because he wanted to do law as a profession but to learn it out of his interest. During the Revolutionary war, Madison served as a State Legislator for Virginia (1776- 1779) and he soon became known as a protégé to Thomas Jefferson. He worked with Jefferson on making the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom and it was later passed in 1786. State Legislator Youngest in Congress Because Madison was the youngest delegate in Congress, he was considered a workhorse. James persuaded his Virginia colleagues to give up their share of the Northwestern Territory. House of Delegates James was reelected to the house of delegates for 1784- 1786. During his last years James got frustrated with the democracy. He corrected the tendency for delegates to take into consideration the interests and needs of their constituents. Madison got very frustrated at the law that legalized paper money. Amendments Madison became the leader of the house in 1789 and he drafted many laws. He drafted the first 10 amendments to the Constitution and was known as the "Father of the Bill of Rights." He worked with George Washington to make a new federal government. In 1791 James and Thomas Jefferson organized the Democratic- Republican Party. The Election The Indians Federal Judges Madison appointed elven federal judges and nine to various US district courts. One judge was appointed twice because he was offered two seats in the same court. When Jefferson's 2nd term closing, he was the party choice for president in 1808. He was opposed by John Randolf. Like Thomas Jefferson, James thought the American Indians should give up hunting and start farming. Madison often met with the southern and western Indians to discuss this. As settlers started building homes in the west, into the Indian territory, Madison ordered the army to prevent the settlers from moving west. He assigned this job to commander Andrew Jackson. Jackson did not agree with Madison so he ignored the president and the Indian pleas to stop invading their lands. Studying Madison damaged his health from studying too much.But, it later payed off when hegraduated with manymajors. Smallest James was the smallest presidentever with five feet, four inches and never weighing over 100pounds. Vice Presidents James was the only president to have two vice presidents (George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry) die in office.
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