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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Polar and Rectangular Coordinates Rectangular coordinates are made up of an X point and a Y point. This kind of coordinate is the most commonly used. Usually to tell the location of something. Ex: ( X, Y ) Polar coordinates are made up of a Radius and an Angle (Theta)This kind of point would usuallybe used on a the same types of graphsand maps as Rectangular, but used for directions. Ex: ( Radius, Theta ) Rectangular Polar double click to change this title text! How to convert to and from Rect. and Polar You can convert polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates by using the following equations:X = r cos thetaY = r sin theta You can convert rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates by using the following equations:r = the square root of X squared plus Y squaredtheta = Arctan of Y/X , when X > 0 or Arctan of Y/X + Pi , when X < 0 Real World Examples of Polar and Rectangular Coordinates An example of where rectangular coordinates would be useful is when looking at a map of an amusement park. The map would tell you the location of the attraction you're looking for by giving you a set of points such as E, 6 ( E being X, and 6 being Y ) An example of where polar coordinates would be more useful than rectangular is when you're boating. Someone could radio you a polar coordinate and it would be easier for you to sail in that direction, given by that point rather than going trough the x axis and y axis.
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