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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Maturity of mind is the capacity to endure uncertainty. AmericanGovermentP.7 JAMAL STACE first anyone can draft a lawbut it takes someone fromcongress to introduce that lawthat has been drafted. STEP 4 MARK UP!this is where afterthe hearing the peoplewho discussed the billmark up and ammendthe bill if needed to if it is a good bill to pass and not killed in the past stages REFERRAL TO OTHEROTHER CHAMBERwhen either the houseor senate passes a bill then it is goesto the other chamber and goes through the same route as it just did COMMITTEE ACTION! this iswhen after the bill is introduced the committee overlooks the billand ready carefully and examineswhat the purpose of the bill is forand if not acted upon then the bill is effectivly dead ORDERING A BILL REPORTEDthis is after thebill comes backfrom the sub-committees havea hearing on the bill and then the whole house voteson the bill tobe passed or not SUBCOMMITTEE REVIEW!this is when the bills are put into different committees for a hearing from the experts and otherpublic officals and the people forand against the bill(s) that were assigned to there subcommittee CONFERENCE COMMITTEEACTIONthis is when the action of the other chamber changes the bill dramaticly a conference committee is formed to settle thedifferences if unable to cometo an agreement then thebill dies but if the house andsenate come to an agreement then the conference is reportedand is prepared to describethe committees recommendations made to the bill FINALLY this is the endthis is when both thehouse and senate havepassed the bill (if they did)and send it to thepresident and havehis sign it and then the drafted bill has became a bill VOTINGthis is when afterthe bills amendments have been passed thenthe whole house votes and depending on theyays or nays then it is passed or not.
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