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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! The Science Behind Jam Jars The reason why is because the hotwater tends to allow the lid to expand slightly-allowing the metal lid to absorb the heat from thehot water. Also, if there is any remaining food debris that might havebeen found, the heat then travels its' way and the food softens allowing the metal lidto "break free" or "turn off"and that is all from the heat of the hot water. In doing so, it thenpulls away from the glass jar a little bit,reducing the grip from the lid to the glass jar and making itmuch more easier to open. Why do jam jars open easier when under hot water? The particles in jam: Well, for jam it is a little different. Since jam is both a liquid and aswell as a solid, we call this a "semi-sold," since it is a mixtureof both. And since it is it has a mix of solid particles and liquidparticles-meaning half particlesare moving around,and the other half are particlesthat aren't moving around as much.So when the jam jar is under the tap with the running water, (likesaid before) it expands to the cause of the heat and because of the particles,not moving around much and particles that domove around. Kaz is trying to open a jar of jam. The lid is metal, and it is stuck. His mum suggests that running itunder the hot tap. She says the lid will get bigger and will screw offeasily. Jam jars: (Problem)
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