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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 All You Need to Know About Jade and a lot that you don't Where is Jade found? Jade's different forms can be found in different places. Nephrite can be found in China, New Zealand, Russia, Guatemala/Mexico, the Swiss Alps, and in small quantities, the U.S, Australia, and Taiwan. Jadeite can be found, again, in China, Russia, and Guatemala/Mexico. Instead of the Alps and New Zealand/U.S/Australia/Taiwan, the finest stones are usually found in Burma. nephrite more nephrite jadeite MORENEPHRITE?! A bit more jadeite. Nephrite. Again. What is Jade used for? Jade is used for many things, from jewelry, to ornaments, to ritual masks, to offerings, to healing and connecting to the spirit world, but has had much more past use. In the past, it has been used for all of the above, pens, swords and scabbards, masterpieces, and even rudimentary Neolithic tools. How much does Jade cost? Nephrite costs about 20 cents per carat raw, but can exceed 15,000 dollars in a small carving. The jadeite price per carat raw, using imperial jade, is 1200 dollars. Now, when used in modest jewelry, this becomes about $100,000, then when you consider a certainrecord-setting necklace, it is absolutely ridiculous. The most expensive jade piece (Imperial, of course) is a necklace that, at an auction, sold for twenty-seven million and six hundred thousand dollars! Not even kidding! double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. History I am focusing only on Chinese jade history. Jade was first discovered, asNephrite, near the beginning of the Neolithic period,used for tools. ~10,000B.C 2015 A.D The ancient Chinese used jade in the form of discs and four-sided containers to worship their gods.They also gave those of high status everyday objects made of jade. 16th century B.C- 221 B.C The tools used to carve jade became many times better for their job, andtrue masterpieces were born. 1122 B.C- 221 A.D 960-1644 A.D Today, jade is basically used just for jewelry. Jade was used to decorate swords and sheaths. Jade became mainly used for pens, and not swords. Environmental impact The environmental consequences of mining jade are much like coal.Industrial jade mining causes tremendous pollution and environmental destruction. FUN FACTS! Jadeite can have a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs Scale, with Nephrite at a 6.0. This is how to tell if jade is real or not, and if it's Jadeite or Nephrite. Jade is an alternate March birthstone. People give jade as an anniversary gift for 12th, 30th, and 35th wedding anniversary.
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