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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jacobson Syndrome by Bailey What is Jacobsen Syndrome?Jacobsen Syndrome is causedby misplacement of genetic material from chromosomes 11. what cases Jacobsen Syndrome?11q terminal deletion disorder is a rare geneticdisorder. It is known as a terminal deletiondisorder because it is caused by the loss of genesfrom the end (terminus) of chromosome 11. It isalso called Jacobsen syndrome (JS) after theDanish researcher who first identified it in 1973.In this leaflet, both the names 11q terminaldeletion disorder and Jacobsen syndrome areused. What is the cure? There is no cure for it. Symptoms.short nosesmall jawshort thumb Jacobsen syndrome is caused by a defect of chromosome 11. Common symptoms of the syndrome are delayed development and motor skills, and distinctive facial features such as a large head, pointy forehead and low-set ears. Approximately 90 percent of affected individuals have a bleeding disorder called Paris-Trousseau syndrome, according to the CDC. - See more at: what is it like to live daily with Jacobsen syndrome?It is important for knowing that children with (Jacobsen syndrome) are at increased risk for ASD, Mattson said. This means that families can be counseled early on about what signs to watch for and encouraged to seek early intervention services. Later, having a diagnosis helps the children get the services they need.
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