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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! double click to change this title text! This is one of 5 of the things you can do in MLB 14 The Show. This basically lets you pick whatever team you would like, play with updated rosters and play with your friends, or you are able to play online with your PSN friends.There are also ways for you to play online with random people around the world. MLB 14 The Show: Exhibition Game This mode in MLB 14 The Show, is probably one of the best, you are able to make trades, sign free agents, or just stack your team up with the best players in the MLB. You can set your rotation, lineup and etc... You can also play lock in this to, which lets you just be one player on your team for that game. There are injuries in this as well.Franchise: This is literally the same thing as season, you just are able to control the minor league teams, and what they do. Season is you are only able to control the MLB team. This is why I am notmaking a entire slide for this. MLB 14 The Show: Season/ Franchise MLB 14 The Show: Road to The Show This is also one of the best game modes in this game. You are able to create your very own player, and to see if your player has what it takes to get to the MLB, Throught outthat road, you are able to upgrade your player in speed, power, etc... You may be traded, or dropped by a team. You are able to request a trade, retirement or a new position.There are also practice sessions that you are able to go threw, so your player knows the situation your team may be in through out the season. MLB 14 The Show: Creating a Player Basically, this allows you to create your very own player, and they go into the free agent market. You can make them be 99 over all in everything (unrealistic player) or you can make him have some power areas and some poor areas (realistic player). Then you can player lock and play with him.
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