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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Environments in the Arabian Peninsula Environments in the Arabian Peninsula Mountains Mountains Livability Rating:3The climate is relatively cool and thereis plenty of water and supplies to stay comfortable in this environmentTrade Rating:2There is not a wide variety of goods to tradefor in this region and it may be hard to locatewhere you are trading at Physical Features:-Violent sandstorms-Yearly rainfall of 3-4 inches-Some plant lifeClimate:-Hot and dry, temperatures reaching 120 degrees-Freezing temperatures at nightAdaptations:-People moved from place to place-Camels were used as transportation-People wore long gowns to protect themselvesagainst dust, heat, and flies-Raised sheep and goats to get milk and wool,traded animal productsLivability Rating:1This environment has frequent and oblivioussandstorms and it is hard to find any water andvegetation to eat and drink which are basic thingsyou need to surviveTrade Rating:3It would be hard to locate where to trade at, thereis no specific trading point. But, the people fromthis region must trade to get everyday supplies. Desert Physical Features:-Harsh Winters, frost formed on mountains-Approximate Rainfall per year is 20 inches-Mountains rise from 1,000 to 12,000 feet-Dry riverbeds run between mountainsClimate:Relatively cool climate when compared to the rest of the Arabian PeninsulaAdaptations:-Built irrigation systems-Built houses out of mud bricks, stones, and wood-Stored water in hollowed out trees-Built terraces on the hillside to farm onthe side of the mountain
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