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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jack Caroline Crawford "'But, Merridew. Please, Merridew... can't we?'" (Choir Boy, 20)From the moment we meet the choir boys, we sense that Jack (Merridew) is the leader of the group. This excerpt shows that the other boys treat him with respect and fear him. "'I ought to be chief,' said Jack with simple arrogance,'because I'm chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.'" (Jack, 22)We find out that the reason the choir boys treat him as a leader is because he is a good singer. This is what he thinks should warrant a good leader. This shows how naive most of these boys still are. "Jack slammed his knife into a trunk and looked round challengingly." (33)Jack is mad that he couldn't kill the pig and regrets not pursuing it further. He is showing that the next time he sees a pig, he's going to kill it without a doubt. "He swung back his right arm and hurled the spear with all his strength. From the pig-run came the quick, hard patter of hoofs, a casanet sound, seductive, maddening-- the promise of meat. He rushed out of the undergrowth and snatched up his spear. The pattering of the pig's trotters died away in the distance." (49)Jack was so close to killing a pig, but a moment's hesitation caused him to lose it. "Ralph spoke. 'You let the fire go out." Jack checked, vaguely irritated by this irrelevance but too happy to let it worry him. (69)This excerpt shows how immature Jack is and how little he understands about how dire their situation on the island truly is. We can also infer that he is very selfish because he put his own petty desire above the well-being of his peers. "Jack stood up, scowling in the gloom, and held out his hands. 'I haven't finished yet.' 'But you've talked and talked!'" (81)Jack is growing impatient with everything. He grows more anxious and bloodthirsty every day. "Jack's face went so white that the freckles showed as clear, brown flecks. He licked his lips and remained standing." (102)Jack is extremely embarrassed by Ralph in this scene. Ralph forcefully points out that Jack does not have the conch, therefore he has no right to speak. Jack is just a bully that has been put in a harsh setting. He can dish out the rudeness and unpleasantnesses, but he can't take it back. "'Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!'" (114)This statement just disgusts me.How could little boys be so vicious towards another little boy? How could Roger stand the cruelpunishment for nothing? "Jack waved his spear again. 'Has everybody eaten as much as they want?'" (149)Here, Jack has just gotten most of the boys to come eat the food he has killed. He is trying to gain authority over the boys here. "A little boy who wore the remains of an extraordinary black cap on his red hair and who carried the remains of a pair of spectacles at his waist, started forward, then changed his mind and stood still." (201)Jack is the boy being described here. He was given a chance to take authority over the boys, but in the face of an adult, he falters to embarrassment. In Lord of the Flies,I would say that Jackis the most dynamic character. He changes the most in his time onthe island, but not forthe better. He startedout on the island as a "civilized" power hungrybully, but by the time the boys are rescued, he is a bloodthirsty savage with no distinction betweenright and wrong.
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