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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONS PROS vs To inform you on the process of hydrofracking the first step is a drill bit on the end of a drill pipe bores a hole into the ground. Step 2: a wide pipe is inserted into the hole. Step 3: cement is pumped around the pipe to prevent gas leaksfrom contaminating underground sources. Step 4: perforating and fracking. The last step is gas flows up the well to the surface. The whole purpose of hydrofrackingis the retrieve natural gas. HYDROFRACKING There have been advancements such as, extending steel and concretelinings to prevent methane migration. Donations from gas companies operating in susquenannacounty, PA, south of Binghamton have helped the endless mountains health systems finish its long-delayed hospitalrebuilding project said system CEO REX Catlin. The U.S oil and gas industry already supports 9.2million jobs and that means more money. Shale gas development could support 1.6 millionjobs by 2035. A miner concerns are nosebleeds and headaches. A major concern is that cancer could be caused by hydrofracking as well. The chemicals leaked fromfracking sites could cause the air and water to getcontaminated. It costs a lot of money to clean the water that has been contaminated by hydrofracking. Fracking will have an effecton other sites, and it will surely be brought up in Calfornia,it willencourage the opponets of frackingin California and other states.
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