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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bids? Chambers? Confused by Bids, Chambers, or other debate terms? Want to know how to get to Nationals? Heres a breakdown. NationalTournament of Champions Student wins two bids or more over the course of a season Congrats!You madeit to National Tournamentof Champions! National Tournamentof Champions grants bidsto the highest places ofprestigious regionalcompetitions. They grantmore bids to tournaments that are tougher, and more competitive. If a studentonly earns one bid,but only had the chance to earn one. Students canapply for an at largebid, to be awarded tothem based on theirtrack record/otherdebate successes. Bids are points that are marked down throughout the season, and at the end are totaled up, and used as entrance to NTOC.Bills are the subject of what is being debated during competitions. They aredrawn up beforehand by students who have studied the topics, and aresimilar to debates in congressional halls such as congress. Chamber is a room where debate takes place. It is not open to the public,and only holds the judges, and the students debating, about 20 to 25 people.TOC: (Tournament of Champions) The only tournament that LT goes to that awards bids.NTOC (National Tournament of Champions) A very prestigious three day national competition taking place at the end of April. Presiding Officers call people up to debate or question people on facts and issues.
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