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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north east south east west coast represented The Odyssey! Book 10 Summary/Plot Metaphor Synechdoche Hyperbole - "So she said and crushed the heart inside me"- "Eating your heart out"- "The giant-killer handed over the magic herb"- Eating our hearts out, bent with pain and bone tired - "My heart a heaving stormevery step"- "Both were bred by the sunwho lights our lives" north west Imagery - "Away from my island-fast-most cursed man alive"- "when found Dawn with her rose-red fingers shone once more"- "Suddenly she struck with wand, drove them into her piggies" - Connection between luck and justice Luck wasn't random, if someone disobeyed or wronged the gods they'd beunlucky- Relationship between fate and actions Due to the crew members unjustified actions,fate punished them making their voyageseverely longer and tougher.- Hospitality Whenever they arrived to a new land,they were welcomed and treated kindly (Aeolus fed them and granted them with a giftand they stayed with Circe for a full year) Theme - Although Odysseus's crew made adisastrous mistake, he remains calmand optimistic to get home.- When Circe informed them of their only way home, which would be adifficult journey, the crew was displeased but Odysseus demonstrated leadershipand was optimistic Heroic actions - "My heart longs to be home, my comrades' hearts as well" - Odysseus and his crew arrive at the home of Aeolus, ruler of the winds- Circe greets his crew with food and drinks- Circe then turns the men who are eating into pigs- Odysseus asks hermes for advice on what to do- hermes goes him moly which will keep him in his human form- Odysseus ate it and asked her to change his men back-she offers them to stay with her, which they do for a year- Odysseus crew asks if they can go home and Circes say that he must visit the land of the dead first.- Before they head home, Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag full of winds - On the final day of their journey, his crews tears the sack open thinking it was gold and silver- The wind escapes the sack and a horrible storm was created- Eventually the end up at land of the Goddess Circe
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