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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 JO! JOB ORIENTEERING ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL WHO IS HE/SHE?He/she designs, develops new products in industry sector and also ascertains the characteristics of these product and their controland marketing.He/She works in the field of environmental technology and analytical chemistry in which examines the difficulties of productivity,environmental and safety compared to the processing of chemicals. EDUCATION- Degree in Chemical Sciences ,Science and Technology of Industrial Chemistry ,Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy ;- Bachelor's degree in Chemical Science and Technology ,Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies- Qualification as Chemical HE/SHE TAKES CARE OF :- Quality control and environmental control- Verification of the treatment processes - Elimination of waste products which arepotentially dangerous- Processing procedures on the first interventionand containment when there is a possible accidental leakage into the environment of toxic material- Definition of protocols for cleaning up of contaminated sites- Research and testing of materials, products andtechnologies of innovative chemical for the development of environmental performance LABOUR MARKETThe demand for chemicals in business and remediation is growing exponentially .At the moment , in fact , it seems one of the most sought after professions ,but there is no availability of chemicals on the job market .
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